Saturday, January 29

Our Father

This small fishing village & beach is named Paternoster, or Our Father as in the prayer.  This image was taken after a brief but heavy downpour several months ago.
(Pentax K7, Pentax 16-50 f2.8 SDM)

Friday, January 28

Rolling Hills

Rolling hills green with the promise of a good wheat harvest, on the way to Bredasdorp in the southern Cape.

Thursday, January 27

Honeymoon Days

Barging down Canal du Midi in the south of France..........drifting quietly through rolling hills & forests, vineyards & villages, with plenty of time and love on your side.

Saturday, January 22

Black & White

 This was taken at Aquila Game Reserve with my K7 and a Tamron 18-250mm zoom which, for the price of the lens and the zoom range covered, I think it did a fantastic job.

Wednesday, January 19

Pool with a view

We haven't had much opportunity to swim this summer with the birth of our son Logan and us being off the farm in Cape Town most of the time, but this is what we've been missing...

Monday, January 17


I love the architecture of Tokara Vineyards Estate in the Helshoogte Pass just above Stellenbosch - the raw concrete, steel & glass is contrasted with natural stone, bleached wood & shimmering water.

Saturday, January 15

One of our favourite spots

I don't know whether I should reveal its location, it is such a find and I'd like to keep it for ourselves, but this is the woudlkng'dkj ubusoobu in ww;ljlkjggg...........

ok,'s the Wildnerness Bush Camp in...........yup, you guessed it, Wilderness. 

The cabins (if you choose the correct ones) have magnificent views and you can either choose log cabins overlooking the estuary, or forested, hidden cabins overlooking the ocean - each has their charm and we really love this spot. 

  The cabins are fully kitted out for self-catering with indoor fireplaces, outdoor braais, dstv, etc. - the bonus is that they are pretty reasonably priced compared to what else is out there.
The drive up to the cabins is extremely steep and narrow, so if you arrive in an old car......bring an extra clutch :)

Wednesday, January 12

Big Daddy

Elephants at the Aquila Game Reserve, just a few hours north of Cape Town.

Tuesday, January 11

Amsterdam Days

 Happy Days in Amsterdam.  I spent a day photographing this beautiful city on my most recent business trip, next time I'll be exploring with my wife & child.

  Europe is great when the weather plays along.  I especially love the architecture, the cobblestone streets, the cafe's (without smoke billowing out) just feels so civilized.


Monday, January 10

Going Up

 I was recently invited to 'ride shotgun' on climbing a new route in Montagu with good friends Riki & Justin.