Friday, April 30

Medieval Bridge

Ancient bridge to the walled city of Carcassone in France.

Thursday, April 29

Wednesday, April 28


Glass lantern, waiting for the evening...

Monday, April 26

Saturday, April 24

Old Timer

Caught this old timer Ford out for a Sunday drive in Arniston awhile ago.

Friday, April 23

Dog's Life

My characterful best friends, Sable (above) is the proverbial street dog with a princess complex, while Mischa (below) is just such a gentle "What a mess", lets have fun dog.

Thursday, April 22


A bumble bee coming in for a landing on a lily.

Wednesday, April 21

Tuesday, April 20


A lazy day in Toulouse on the Garonne, then again, most days appeared to be lazy in France.

Tuesday, April 13

Gone Fishing

No, seriously..................I've gone fishing to try catch that hog of a bass before winter sets in, I will only be back next week.

Monday, April 12

Good Timing

Photographer photographed inside Musee de Orsay in Paris.

Friday, April 9


Entrance to the medieval walled city of Carcassone in the south of France.

Thursday, April 8

Cape Storms

This boardwalk was designed to protect the fragile dune vegetation, the Cape of Storms had other plans ...

Wednesday, April 7

Lonely Bench

A lonely bench at Tokara Vineyards, just waiting for a young couple in love.

Tuesday, April 6

Winter is coming

Its amazing how the temperature suddenly drops and we know winter has come, practically without passing Autumn.

Saturday, April 3


Enjoyed a day at Aquila Private Game Reserve recently and took several photographs of their new restaurant & huge swimming pool.  I managed to try the HDR function of the Pentax K7 and I was quite impressed, although the images do look manipulated. HDR did give an interesting affect and managed to expose the images correctly with minimal blown highlights and very few black shadows - thus expanding the dynamic range of the shot.

Thursday, April 1

After the wedding

We recently attended a beautiful wedding in Wellington, and after the ceremony this is what the rose petal scattered chapel looked like.