Saturday, July 31


I've set this as my desktop image, its a bamboo forest growing here on the the farm, I find it really soothing (must be the Tiger in me).

Saturday, July 24

Bumble Bee

Probably one of the most photographed flowers & subjects, here is a bumble bee visiting a water lily.

Monday, July 19

The Louvre

Perhaps a not often seen view of the Louvre in Paris.

Monday, July 12


This time in colour, the entrance to the medieval walled city of Carcassonne in France.

Saturday, July 10


This was the scene a few weeks ago, the first snow of the season and much earlier than the norm.  We have had super days since then, crisp, clear weather and not too cold........until today.  It is raining at the moment and freezing cold with -3 predicted, so more snow to follow I'm sure.

Friday, July 9

On the beach

I'll be taking next week off for a few days, so my posting will hopefully be missed my somebody.  We are however going to the West Coast and I'm sure to return with plenty of new images ...

Thursday, July 8

Back Roads

I love taking the road less traveled and just exploring the country side ...

Wednesday, July 7


A fine collection of tarts, pastries & chocolate delights in a small French patisserie in Carcassonne.

Monday, July 5


An ancient padlock used at a railway siding in Porterville - do you think anyone still has the key?

Sunday, July 4


Playing around with layers of rock strata & sunlight on Arniston Beach.

Saturday, July 3

Friday, July 2


Nothing much has changed in the driving seat of this Dodge, sure we have more electronics & fewer moving parts on modern cars, but the wheels still turn ...

Thursday, July 1

African Elephant

An unfamiliar site, African Elephant grazing on natural fynbos in the Western Cape like they used to hundreds of years ago, courtesy of Aquila.