Wednesday, August 25


On a recent trip to visit the Millar's at the Suntouched Inn in Napier, I photographed this image of the young wheat coming up in the Overberg. 
Well, I'm off until next week to sell some Rusticus there won't be any photographs for a few days - on my return I should have a couple new ones though.

Tuesday, August 24


Finally something more vintage than our Rusticus wine cellar - this old Ford was caught sunbathing at Arniston a few months ago.

Monday, August 23


Paternoster beach on the West Coast.  We recently spent a few days relaxing in a beach cottage, when this storm developed and darkened the skies.  A lull in the heavy rains provided an opportunity for me to grab my Pentax K7 and charge down the beach to capture a few surreal images.

Saturday, August 21

Early bird....

On a recent fishing trip I woke up early to use that proverbial worm to catch a big one........all I caught that day was this photograph.

Saturday, August 14

Its in the corn...

A nice summer image of a corn field, somehow it is pretty spooky (probably due to Hollywood basing several horror movies on what happens in the corn fields), but I still love this image.