Thursday, October 29

Clay Wall

Some images of the clay wall which makes up part of the structure of a pottery workshop in Hogsback (Eastern Cape). Arbitray items are scattered or leaning interesting playground for the eye.

Wednesday, October 28


This old building on Canal du Midi houses a wonderful little restaurant called Le Moulin de Trebes, they make a superb Cassoulet and a great stopover while barging.

Tuesday, October 27

Carcassonne by Night

The fabled, walled medieval city of Carcossonne in the south of France, along the banks of Canal du Midi - gloriously illuminated at night.


A fresh catch of tuna linefish caught off Hout Bay, ready for the sushi restaurants.

Monday, October 26

Cape Town

I thought this image spoke volumes of the apparent divide evident in so many facets of life...


This carved meditation statue stands in a small bamboo grove at Fraai Uitzicht, just beyond Robertson in the Boland.

Saturday, October 24

Le Bonheur Estate

One summer's day, while wine tasting at Le Bonheur Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, I snuck away from the group to photograph their pond, the colours were fantastic - what a perfect day.

Friday, October 23


A female Fiery-Necked Nightjar I believe, sitting on eggs in our blueberry fields.  She sits deadstill, not moving while I creep up to her, she relies on her superb camouflage to remain undetected.  By closing her eyes, she can further avoid detection and blend in with her surroundings.  One of my favourite birds, and visitors to the Cape of South Africa.

Eyes nearly completely closed here so that she will not be spotted amongst the dried leaves.

Thursday, October 22

Zulu Kingdom

A collection of Zulu mud huts at the foot of the Central Drakensberg, with a grand herd of domestic Nguni cattle - a sign of a Zulu's wealth & stature.

Wednesday, October 21


The ancient bridge leading to the largest, walled medieval city in the Northern Hemisphere, Carcassonne in France, situated along the banks of Canal du Midi.

Tuesday, October 20

St. James Beach

Colourful private cloak rooms at St. James' Beach on the Cape Peninsula, near Kalk Bay. Apparently they are no longer in use, but thankfully still neatly painted.

Monday, October 19


Beyond Bredasdorp, near Arniston Beach and the famous Arniston Cave, is this small section of rocky shore where the waves shoot into the air after crashing against the rocks. Probably some kind of air pocket which gets caught, compressed & then 'explodes.'

Friday, October 16

Wind Power

These wind turbines were constructed several years ago by Eskom near Malmesbury. For a decade or so they have apparently been 'unviable' and unproductive, however in our current economic & power crisis they are starting to prove themselves as more are being developed on the West Coast.

Thursday, October 15

Paternoster Boats

An adhoc collection of small fishermans' boats on Paternoster Beach at low tide, on the West Coast north of Cape Town.

Wednesday, October 14


Summer Wine................Spring has sprung and the grapevines are shooting with the promise of a good vintage to come.