Saturday, October 30

Scrapyard Art

"Honey, I'm home.............whats for dinner?"
Hung out to rust, scrapyard fairies.............they are the little buggers who fly around at night undercover of darkness and paint rust onto any unexposed metal surfaces!

Friday, October 29

Water's Edge

I can see the bright future these unused cottages will have in the tourism industry one day, right on the water's edge of the Misverstand Dam.

Thursday, October 28

Cape Town Harbour

A view of Cape Town harbour from Bo-Kaap - probably a 'not so often seen' vantage point.

Saturday, October 2

Off to the beach

We are off to the beach today, but as luck would have it, the weather is overcast with the promise of rain - as opposed to this photograph of Arnistion taken a few years ago.

Friday, October 1

Dutch Bicycle

And here is the obligatory Dutch bicycle, the silent killer that attacks the unsuspecting South African pedestrian from the wrong side when crossing the street.