Wednesday, November 10

Saturday, November 6

Winter Past

Images of the last snows we had on the Pat Busch Private Nature Reserve, here the Langeberg mountain range wears a nice white mantel, these mountains form part of the reserve.

Friday, November 5


The aftermath of a heavy downpour on Paternoster Beach saw rivulets of rainwater running into the ocean & dark clouds mustering overhead.

Thursday, November 4

Chilling in Amsterdam

Here are two variations of the same photograph - which do you prefer?  This dog was chilling out in Amsterdam, clearly having inhaled too much smoke which comes billowing out of the caf├ęs.

Tuesday, November 2

Beach Hut

Here is another shot of the Beach Hut at Pringle Bay.
I used multiple exposures with my K7 mounted on a Gitzo tripod to achieve the wind movement in the grass.

Monday, November 1

Smoke & a Pancake!

'Totaal ongelooflik mooi.'  Imagine visiting Dutch friends in Amsterdam and one morning using the wrong front door to quickly step out for a breakfast pancake.