Thursday, May 27

On the Beach

A different view of the lifesaver's shack on Pringle Beach, notice the long exposure of the grass blowing in the wind.

Wednesday, May 26

Wine on the River

At the 2009 Wine on the River Festival our stand wasn't the busiest, but I did get several tasters telling me we had the best white wine at the show - which was our 2008 Rusticus Barrel Fermented Viognier.

Tuesday, May 25


I took a few days off, and on my return picked up a strange virus on my pc which I think I've managed to remove somehow (?).  Here is a celebratory image of the boardwalk on Pringle Beach.

Wednesday, May 12

Last Straw

Hay bales stacked in a field behind Swellendam, waiting for collection.

Tuesday, May 11


West Coast musician with an forgotten shipwreck in the background.

Monday, May 10

Fun in the Sun

Relaxing on the banks of the Breede River while on a marathon 12km kayak this last summer.

Saturday, May 8

Thursday, May 6

Dodge This

They don't make them like they used to, this Dodge feels like it was made out of sheet steel and that's probably why it is still running, in reasonable condition without any dents. You could fit several large, heavy, black bags and two shovels into the boot and drive out into the desert with ease...

Wednesday, May 5


I managed to photograph 3 of the Big Five at the Aquila Game Reserve, although the lazy lion in the last image wasn't very obliging.

Tuesday, May 4

Stand Off

An African stand off between a horse wearing pajamas & an Aquila game-viewing vehicle.

Monday, May 3

Watering Hole

I tried the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function on the Pentax K7 and am reasonably happy with the results - here I set it onto 'low' so it isn't too overdone.  The image is quite good with no highlights really blown out, and  nothing lost in the shadow.  This is the new pool at Aquila Game Reserve just north of Cape Town.