Thursday, December 31


This is the lighthouse at Scarborough on the Cape Peninsula, a calm day today but much needed when the Cape of Storms lives up to her name.

Wednesday, December 30


This is the guts of my antique grape destalker in the Rusticus Vintage Cellar, still in use and producing fine handmade wines in small quantities.

Tuesday, December 29

A man's stature...

...and wealth is often measured by the size of his Nguni..........that would be his herd of African Nguni cattle.  Here is a small herd grazing free (without fences) on the side of the road near Port St. Johns on the Wild Coast.

Monday, December 28

Looking up

Two ceilings of medieval buildings, I love this style and workmanship.

Saturday, December 26


I do intend this pun, so I must admit that I'm a bit tired (tyred?) of catering and partying now over the festive season.........can't wait until I'm fishing again.

Thursday, December 24


On Christmas Eve I thought I'd post something festive..................this is about the best I could do really.

Tuesday, December 22


French chocolates for sale by the scoop in a small store in medieval Carcassone.............I had to drag Lindi out the shop!

Monday, December 21

Barging through France

Wishing, dreaming, hoping, saving & planning another barge trip through France next year sometime.  Here is our previous little barge, Caillac.

Saturday, December 19


We found a scratch patch in Clarens (Orange Free State - Northern Drakensberg) and I thought I'd snap this image of semi-precious stones (nice name for a band actually!)

Friday, December 18


Getting into the spirit of things.............probably need more spirits though.

Thursday, December 17

Freeform Jazz

Cape Minstrals playing at Lourens & Lizelle's wonderful wedding held at their wine estate, Arendsig near Bonnievale.

Tuesday, December 15


To quote Tom Hanks in Cast Away .... "FIRE!"
Here kitchen connoisseur, 4x4 aficionado & very good friend Nick is having a ball with dry twigs & fire in a steel drum (I was having a ball photographing him).


I generally believe that post processing a photograph should be like using oak maturation on a fine wine, you shouldn't notice it being used, but it should be subtle and enhance what was already there be that in the image or in the wine.  Well........I thought I'd try a little heavier touch with this image and I must say I like the results......perhaps more to follow.  (PS. Rest assured that the Rusticus wines will remain elegant & balanced)

Monday, December 14

Misty Mountains

I'd rather be here..............Drakensberg silhouette at dusk.

Saturday, December 12

Howick Falls

A couple of touristy shots of Howick Falls in the Natal Midlands - amazingly there were locals washing their clothes in the river right at the apex of the falls (you can see them on the top photograph if you look carefully).

Thursday, December 10

No Time To Lose

A map of Toulouse, two coffees, European sunshine, a French croissant in my belly, a Pentax dslr over my shoulder and my wife by my side.....

Wednesday, December 9

Summer's Day

Can it really get much better than this?  Cruising down Canal Du Midi, stopping at medieval villages to meander down to the market to do your daily shopping, picking up a coffee & fresh croissant on the way.....

Tuesday, December 8

Inside Out

A view from behind the clock within Musee d'Orsay (Paris) towards Sacre Cour in the distance......there were always pesky tourists in the way so I used them as part of the composition.

Monday, December 7

Dream catcher

A dream catcher in an African enameled tin cup restaurant near Port St. Johns, Wild Coast - the crockery isn't my style but the breakfast & setting was superb.

Saturday, December 5

Vintage Tools

The pottery barn in Hogsback was deserted, unlocked & wide open (?!), so we let ourselves in, browsed the pottery and took some photographs of old, dusty tools displayed on the clay walls of the hut.  Luckily I didn't hear any banjo music...

Friday, December 4

Red Dragon

Dragonfly, what amazing little creatures.

Thursday, December 3

Musee d'Orsay

Musee d'Orsay in Paris...........home of some of the greatest masterpieces on the planet.

Wednesday, December 2

Hogsback Eco-Shrine

We discovered this handmade 'Voice of the Earth Eco-shrine' in Hogsback.  It is a series of outdoor paintings & sculptures by artist Diana Graham and depicts the creation of the earth  by nature and the bonds between the elements.  Nearly something Gaudi-esk about it...

Tuesday, December 1

French Fishing

A young French family fishing on Canal du Midi near Beziers.