Friday, February 26


A weathered signpost on Pringle Bay beach.

Thursday, February 25

Alien Flower in colour this time

I've posted this image before in B&W, but in colour it just seems stranger, perhaps something like a Passion Fruit flower.  This was found on the shores of the Breede River in the Cape, growing on the sandy banks.

Wednesday, February 24


Still at Tokara Vineyards, this is the beautiful hearth in their tasting room - it would make for a magnificent winter afternoon sipping their superb red wines, surrounded by double volume glass framing the vineyards & mountains, while the hearth blazed.......something to do in a few months time.

Monday, February 22


These are young vines, late spring, at Tokara Vineyards in the Helshoogte Pass, Stellenbosch.

Friday, February 19

Window View

This is the often taken for granted view from our bedroom window.

Thursday, February 18


This is Mischa, she is part Bouvier, part Boxer - but most people think she looks like Falkor the Luck Dragon from the Never Ending Story.

Wednesday, February 17


Old wine barrels, beyond their prime & waiting to be turned into furniture or planters.

Tuesday, February 16


Apologies for not posting my daily image this morning as usual, but we started bright & early with our viognier harvest and it has been pretty busy.  We picked the first 2.5 tons with a sugar of 23.3 Baling, which is near perfect as I like the first harvest to have a lower sugar - it gives the wine a nice freshness.  I'll pick the viognier another 2-3 times, each with a progressively higher sugar level - this helps me to layer the complexity as the various batches of wine ferment in the barrel. Keep an eye open for the Rusticus 2010 Barrel Fermented Viognier, I think it will be something special.  By the way, my 2009 will be bottled at the end of this week in new packaging - and it is beautiful!

Monday, February 15


An abandoned cottage at dusk made for a perfect photography playground ...

Saturday, February 13


Took a photograph of this oak tree shoot while playing around with my Tamron 90mm Macro and new Sigma EF530 DG Super flash - very happy with the results.

Friday, February 12

Wagon wheel

While exploring Swellendam one Sunday afternoon we came across a little bistro cafĂ© with a collection of authentic ox & horse wagons in their backyard.  I thought it was a good time to try out my Sigma 10-20mm.

Thursday, February 11

Looking through

A friend's soon to be renovated farm house in Robertson, on the banks of the Breede River.

Wednesday, February 10

Light ...

... at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, February 9


On Canal du Midi, in the small village of Trebes, there is a wonderful restaurant right on the lock which serves a great cassoulet.....this is the lonely boat tethered outside.

Monday, February 8

Different Strokes

Railway tracks in Paris, just fooling around with two very different images of the same thing - as a matter of interest I wonder which you prefer?  (Feel free to comment)

Saturday, February 6


Interesting rock strata just off Arnistion Beach, looks like a giants jigsaw puzzle.

Friday, February 5


Commonly known as the Gemsbok in South Africa, this one was photographed in our Klaasvoogds Game Reserve.  Generally quite a shy antelope (hence the long-distance photograph and me pushing my lens to the limits, plus some cropping resulted in a bit of softness), this one did come out to see what we were up to.

Thursday, February 4

Medieval Night

The medieval walled city of Carcassone in France by night.  I didn't have my tripod, but I did find several well-placed low walls & boulders where I could balance my camera for a few seconds while it took the long exposure.

Wednesday, February 3

Lured away

I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms from not having the chance to get some decent bass fishing done.  Unfortunately we are in a very dry summer this year, dams & rivers are at an all time low so the scenery & fishing is poor.  In addition the grape harvest has started and it is doubtful I'll get away from the cellar for the next few weeks while I'm making wine.

Tuesday, February 2


The beautiful Midmar Dam situated at the 'bottom' of the Midlands Meander.  Apparently a super bass fishing spot, unfortunately on this occasion I didn't have any gear with me so no stories of the one that got away.  (I have however ordered the latest Daiwa & Abu spincast bass reels.........can't wait until they arrive!)