Monday, November 28

Tiny Thief

 Pentax K5, Tamron 90mm Macro, 1/160, f7.1, ISO800
Pentax K5, Tamron 90mm Macro, 1/160, f7.1, ISO800
A few days ago I heard feeble scratching coming from somewhere in the pantry, after a careful search I found this tiny thief in the dog food bag.  He is seriously diminutive, compare him to the size of the cubes and you'll see what I mean.  I took him outside and let him go in the garden safe & sound, I even gave him a few cubes to take home :)
Never a dull moment on the farm with Cape cobras on one side and tiny shrews & mice on the other.

Friday, November 18


Pentax K5, Tamron 18-250, 1/250, f10, ISO160
Just another day in the country, watching our Nguni herd grazing under the mountains while the setting sun splashes the valley with colour.  Who needs a fish tank, these Nguni are so beautiful to watch as they move through the grasslands, just like tropical fish swimming in a kelp filled tank.

Thursday, November 10

Nightjar Cottage @ Pat Busch Private Nature Reserve

Pentax K5, Sigma 10-20mm, 1/180, f13, ISO160, flash
It was great photography weather yesterday as the sun wasn't too bright, we had nice blue skies with patches of cumulus clouds lazily drifting passed.  All in all perfect conditions for landscape photography with patches of shadow & sunlight on the hillsides. 
Anyway, I was asked to update the photographs of the exclusive cottages on the Pat Busch Private Nature Reserve website (  So I grabbed my K5 and tripod, this is the result of the view from their Nightjar Cottage.