Monday, November 30


This is what the weather looks like on the farm this week...............and it is supposed to be full on summer as December is a day away!

Friday, November 27

Fields of Gold

Wheat fields on the West Coast with the Cape Doctor blowing a nice stiff breeze.

Thursday, November 26

Sea life

Photographed these two anenomes at Arniston during low tide............its a whole new world under the waves.

Wednesday, November 25

Cape Cobra

Several months ago I got acquainted with this Cape Cobra in our driveway, although quite an angry little fellow he did perform nicely for the camera.

Tuesday, November 24

Lonely Oak

A lonely oak tree in the shadow of Champagne Castle.

Monday, November 23

This weekend past ...

... we managed to slip away for awhile, and good friends managed to escape for a couple of hours too ....

Friday, November 20

Moulin Rouge

The city of lights.....amongst other things...

Thursday, November 19

Coming or Going

Dodge, probably not vintage.....but definitely a classic!

Wednesday, November 18

Bush Pub

Found this bush pub at the old railway siding in Porterville.

Tuesday, November 17

Arniston Cave

On top is an image of the Arniston Cave, and below that is what the floor of the cave looks like after centuries of waves and sand have polished the rock to a low lustre.

Monday, November 16


Rolling hills & valleys of fynbos, proteas & Erikas are to be found while exploring the shaded kloofs & koppies of the 2500 hectare Pat Busch Private Nature Reserve in the Langeberg Mountains, just beyond Robertson.

Friday, November 13

Eiffel on the Seine

The busy Seine River flows by the Eiffel tower in Paris, probably carrying more tourists than goods.

Thursday, November 12


You don't get many glorious sunsets in Europe, nothing like we do in Africa anyway, but this is about as good as it gets for Pisa in Italy.

Black Shouldered Kite

A few years ago we caught this injured kite and managed to nurse it back to health.  He wasn't very tame, but I managed to take this photograph before we released him.

Wednesday, November 11

Roses are Red

Red is one of the most difficult colours to reproduce accurately, be that in print or on screen.  This is one of the first images taken with my new Pentax K7, all things considered it is a superb dslr.  I believe the results speak for themselves.

Tuesday, November 10

Tears of Wine

Soon my trusty old hand-operated basket press will be called into service again.  Currently the grapes are just smaller than pea sized on the vines, but come February they'll be full and ripe ready for the harvest.

Monday, November 9


Farm fresh honey from our own hives, sweet and golden - apparently this is the only natural product which does not go by that thinking it must be good for us?

Saturday, November 7

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall on the KZN Wild Coast is an awesome spot - a definite 'must visit' destination in South Africa, I wish we would have stayed a couple of days longer when we were there.

Friday, November 6

Go fish

Hopefully I'll be doing this very soon...

Thursday, November 5

Spring on the farm

Spring on the Pat Busch Private Nature Reserve, just beyond Robertson in the Langeberg mountains.

Monday, November 2


One of the many bridges over the Garonne River in Toulouse.