Saturday, May 14


I haven't posted anything in quite sometime now due to various reasons, one of them probably being that I'm a new father :)  I never wanted this to be a family blog either, so I'm not sure this is the right site for photographs of my baby son & wife (that is pretty much all I have been photographing the last few months anyway). 

I did sssssnap this visitor recently though, sadly it wasn't taken with my Pentax K7 but with a Ixus instead.  This deadly Cape Cobra came through our house, through the passage and slithered right passed us while we sat on the couch watching telly one fine afternoon.  Our saviour Sable (our little adopted street dog) spotted the Cobra while we were completely oblivious to the deadly danger not 2m away.  The minute Sable stood up we knew something was wrong, she has a way about her when danger is near.  My wife grabbed our baby boy, and headed into another room while I cornered the cobra in our dining room.  Luckily the house was cool, so she wasn't too aggressive and I managed to drop an empty Kitchen Aid carton (what else?) over her without too much hassle.  Then I slid a board underneath and Hey Presto! - one upset Cobra in a box.  I carried her outside & let her go in the vineyard safe & sound.  Here is a photo of her in the Kitchen Aid box, ready to stand & mix it up!