Wednesday, March 31

Wagon Wheel

Wagon wheel at the pottery barn in Hogsback.  What is interesting is the clay hut, see how it is built according to traditional methods, first a frame structure built of wood sticks which are then packed with clay - interesting, cheap & planet friendly.

Tuesday, March 30

Intimate Rhino

A young Rhino suckling on its mother while resting in the shade of thorn tree.

Saturday, March 27


A bumble-bee exploring a water lily, gathering pollen.

Friday, March 26

Seconds Apart

Lazy hippos, feisty geese - all relaxing in the pool.

Wednesday, March 24


Rusticus Odyssey 2008 being labelled at our cellar, its an elegant blend of 65% Cabernet Sauvignon & 35% Merlot.

Tuesday, March 23


Caught these guys in their pajamas at the Aquila Private Game Reserve.

Wednesday, March 17


This pile of pine needles caught my attention, something about the orange and the grey which just worked nicely.

Tuesday, March 16


Lekker South African language on this junkyard sign, somewhere in the Orange Free State (where else?)

Monday, March 15

Father & Son

My good friend Craigan and son Calvin taking our Synergy Kayak for a quick test paddle.

Saturday, March 13

Dragon's Mountain

The first image is of the northern Drakensberg's cloud shrouded peaks, while the white horse is taken in the southern Drakensberg - absolutely beautiful countryside.

Thursday, March 11

African Elephant

A recent trip to Aquila Private Game Reserve saw us coming face to face with this hulk.

Wednesday, March 10

Bumble Bee

It took awhile, but with patience and many exposures I finally managed to capture a bumble bee hovering over a water lily.

Tuesday, March 9

Verdant Pine

A young, verdant pine tree emerging from the grey stump of a dead one, completing the circle of life.

Monday, March 8

Bottle Wall

This is a rather interesting tequila & Jagermeister bottle wall which I found in a backpackers near the Amphitheater in the northern Drakensberg.  It really added a nice atmosphere to the lounge area.

Friday, March 5

Chapman's Peak

Taken from the newly renovated & re-opened Chapman's Peak drive, towards Hout Bay and Cape Point on the far left.

Thursday, March 4

Wednesday, March 3

Summer time

The harvest is upon us, I have already pressed a few tons of Viognier and it is happily fermenting in the barrel - another 2 batches to go to build my 'assemblage'.  Soon I'll be harvesting Merlot from our mountain vineyards, the acid & sugar levels look good and hopefully I'll be crushing this on Friday or so.

Tuesday, March 2

Airline Strikes

This seagull didn't appear to be too put out by the imminent airline strikes in Europe.