Thursday, September 30

Amsterdam Canals

On a recent Rusticus wine marketing trip to Holland I had a few hours to spend exploring Amsterdam.  What a beautiful city, once off the beaten track and away from the city center it was truly fantastic.  I generally have a great sense of direction, but it was quite challenging negotiating my way through this city with its criss-crossing alleys & canals, with so many bridges all looking alike.

Wednesday, September 29

Good Morning Cape Town

We woke to this view at a recent sleep over in Cape Town, thanks to our friend Garron who has a magnificent apartment.

Tuesday, September 28


Spring in the Napier wheat fields.

Monday, September 27

Row Boats

The bass aren't biting yet............but soon.  These row boats remind me of the fun we had at Lake Pleasant at the end of the last bass season.

Saturday, September 25


This is a image I took years ago with my first 6MP dslr.

Thursday, September 23


The Luck Dragon Falco, from the Never Ending Story, here she is chewing a tennis ball on Paternoster Beach.

Tuesday, September 21

Cape Town Evenings

A quiet evening in Cape Town, far removed from the 2010 WC football fans of a few months ago.

Tuesday, September 14


On the way to the Suntouched Inn in Napier...........I love this region in spring.

Monday, September 13

Boots, Handbags, Belts, etc...

Before I get flamed by the environmentalists, the caption was a joke..............I love crocodile, especially with a mushroom sauce!

Saturday, September 11


This is the Misverstand Dam near Piketberg in the Cape, it forms part of the Berg River and is a great spot for Carp & Barbel fishing.  Apparently, there are bass here too.........but judging from our weekend of hard fishing & the fact that we caught no bass, plus the poor quality of the water, I doubt it.

Friday, September 10


Far above the madding tourist crowds in the medieval city of Carcassonne, there was a French damsel on a balcony blowing soap bubbles...

Thursday, September 9

Lazy Days

I caught this family enjoying a lazy day in Arniston.

Wednesday, September 8

Beautiful Scales

Perhaps peculiar subject matter, but on a recent fishing trip I took these macros of a Carp's scales (no, I didn't catch it, I had a terrible fishing weekend......luckily the campers next to us knew what they were doing!)

Monday, September 6

Friday, September 3

Beach Storm

Not quite beach weather, but still spectacular - here is the aftermath of a stormy downpour at Paternoster, West Coast.