Saturday, January 15

One of our favourite spots

I don't know whether I should reveal its location, it is such a find and I'd like to keep it for ourselves, but this is the woudlkng'dkj ubusoobu in ww;ljlkjggg...........

ok,'s the Wildnerness Bush Camp in...........yup, you guessed it, Wilderness. 

The cabins (if you choose the correct ones) have magnificent views and you can either choose log cabins overlooking the estuary, or forested, hidden cabins overlooking the ocean - each has their charm and we really love this spot. 

  The cabins are fully kitted out for self-catering with indoor fireplaces, outdoor braais, dstv, etc. - the bonus is that they are pretty reasonably priced compared to what else is out there.
The drive up to the cabins is extremely steep and narrow, so if you arrive in an old car......bring an extra clutch :)

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