Friday, February 18

Boys Weekend

 This is one of the reasons why we go on fishing trips ......

 And these are the other reasons ...
The old syrup & handsome centerfold trick!

Who's your Daddy?!
 Don't worry boys, we are all set for a memorable weekend!
 That's big is it supposed to be?
 Yeah - it really is that big.
 Struggling to make words while the sedatives from the last operation wear off.
 Andy Capp...........what are you doin'?
 Too cool for school amigo.
 The old syrup in the ear trick....see, what you complaining about, it isn't so bad?
Hey, this is actually pretty damn good......pardon, what did you say? I've heard of a sweet tooth but this is just ridiculous!   

 Is there something on my cheek?

 Your hat fine that really the only way to wash syrup out of your ear?
The many armed Krishna of the Doring River...rarely spotted, often smelled.

 Nearly a full barrel roll bro....... Andrew was the first one in the water & to the rescue.
 Maybe this does make a better submarine, a yellow one at that!
 Otter boy! 

I love Dolly like a brother, but he is touched!

 ... then I saw this huge splash & the outboard went silent, so I gently put my b&c down, and then I dived in....
 I'm okay everybody............move along, nothing to see hear........

I think I need to change the blade in my razor...
... mmm, I like a bit of stubble myself. the fish, be the fish......
chips? the fish, be the fish....
 Andrew's culinary skills put into practise, everything he learnt from watching survivor.
What the f*** are vaaaa-ter-blumm-et-cheese?
 If you don't want to eat the waterblommetjies then f***** leave it!
 I'll eat them.............but only with chilli!

 Dedicated to my friend Andrew 'Fish' Thwaits.

Thanks for the good times, your laughter, good nature & for sincerely listening to the answer everytime you asked 'How are you?'

  We miss you my friend, may you find peace....and plenty of fish wherever you are - tightlines.

 (RIP Andrew 'Fish' Thwaits)


Tamlyn said...

Amazing pics Steph, thanks so much for sharing them. they make me cry whenever I look at them, but I am so glad that your last memories of him are good ones and that he looked like he was happy. I know he is in a better place.

Love, Tams

Stephan Busch said...

Thanks Tams, funny how you only realise how much you loved someone after they're gone. Miss him everyday now...

Brent said...

Lovely imagery. Brilliant memory enhancement. Good times are the best way to remember friends lost.